Ten Confucius Classroom leaders from Wales meet the Chinese Ambassador and First Minister to celebrate Chinese New Year

School teachers and head teachers from ten schools in Wales gathered at the Senedd in Cardiff to receive a commendation from the First Minister as part of the celebrations for Chinese New year. All ten schools have successfully been awarded Confucius Classroom status in an initiative established by Cardiff and Lampeter Confucius Institutes as part of the Wales China Schools initiative.

All ten recipients were greeted by the Chinese Ambassador and First Minister and were awarded specially engraved commemorative gifts as part of the celebration which saw over 200 people gathering at the Senedd. The event, which was co-ordinated by Cardiff Confucius Institute included presentations of a traditional Lion Dance, the playing of traditional Chinese instruments and a performance of a Bamboo Dance by children from the Confucius Classroom at Lansdowne Primary School.

The Ambassador, His Excellency Liu Xiaoming stated: “Co-operation between China and Wales has advanced in many positive ways in recent years. China is an important export market for Wales. In culture and education there are many examples of increasing exchange. I had the honour of opening the Confucius Classroom in Llandovery College with the Prince of Wales. There are now three Confucius Institutes which have set up 11 Confucius Classrooms in Welsh Secondary and Primary Schools.”

The First Minister stated: “It is incredible just how strong the links are between Wales and China. I hope that the Year of the Snake will bring prosperity and harmony between our two nations. The Confucius Institutes are just one example of these strong links.”

Confucius Classroom representatives meet the First Minister and Chinese Ambassador




Pupils from the Confucius Classroom at Lansdowne Primary School, Cardiff perform the Bamboo Dance.