Welsh Baccalaureate

There is a section within the ‘Wales, Europe and the World’ component of the Welsh Baccalaureate for the inclusion of at least 20 hours of language provision. The Confucius Institutes for Wales have run a number of different bespoke Welsh Bacc. programmes for schools which enable school children to fulfil the criteria for ‘Wales Europe and the World’ in the context of Mandarin Chinese.

Each course offers a 20 hour programme that can either be offered in:

  1. a three and a half day intensive block
  2. a five day programme
  3. a programme of 20hrs spread over four weeks

During this programme students are expected to undertake a number of sessions in Mandarin Chinese and Applied Chinese which incorporates the exploration of Mandarin through cooking, history, culture, calligraphy and dance.

The children receive a Chinese Factsheet & Case Study at the beginning of the programme that can be shared with parents/carers and at the end of the programme each child will undertake an in-class test to review the learning that has taken place, after which they will receive a personalised Certificate of Attendance in English and Chinese, which will bear the logos of all the participating bodies and which can also include the school logo.

Schools often opt to end the week with a presentation or assembly where the pupils can demonstrate what they are learning to other pupils and parents though a range of dramatic presentations and discussions.

Are you interested in having a team visit your school to run a Welsh Bacc. 20hr programme? Contact us for further details and to check availability and costs.

Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate